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All the orders are in - stop by the stand and pick up your apparel order! Can't wait to see all the cool kids with their logoed clothing!

We will have MAKE-UP PICTURES for Players

We will share that date in the next few days, along with Senior Pictures for teams and individuals.

Baseball 2


Come and be a part of the largest organization in town!

Your sponsorship helps support the youth in Bellingham. Find out the opportunities we have to share your business with our league friends and families. Email

Fundraiser 2022 Calendar Winners

We are the ORIGINAL Calendar Fundraiser in Bellingham! We have been using this fundraiser for over 30 years to provide equipment, fields, and FUN for our baseball league. 

Please help our baseball youth and purchase calendars when we start the sales in March. Winners are chosen beginning June 1st.

If you want more calendars to sell, please reach out to our Treasurer, Linda Peneau at the information provided in your packet.

All Winners will be mailed checks at the address provided on the form. Those players who sold winning tickets will receive a gift card to the concession stand mailed to them as well!

Head over to our Facebook page and write #bybicalendarwinner in the searchbar - all the posts will populate and you can check them out!

Bellingham Youth Baseball

Bellingham Youth Baseball in Bellingham, Massachusetts strives to create a safe, welcoming, and fun atmosphere for baseball players of all ages. We offer three seasons of league play in Spring, Summer and Fall, plus Winter Workshops  We highly encourage players of all ages and skillsets to come on down and play Bellingham Baseball!