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Spring Registration is open!

We are excited for a new baseball season with Bellingham Youth Baseball! We have been making a lot of positive changes within our league  - read through to hear all about them!

Challengers will be playing in games format. For our Challenger players, players with special needs, we will continue practicing at the beginning of the season but then move to a game format midway. Players will be set up on teams and we will also try to host other towns' Challenger leagues to play.  We will also separate a bit on the field. Sign up for this program, and you will here directly from the Challengers Director as we work out scheduling. Still aiming for Saturday morning.

Tee Ball moves to two games a week. Tee Ball will continue playing Tuesdays at 530 for all-league practice and Saturday mornings for games. We will start having games on Tuesdays in addition to Saturdays midway through the season instead of practice. If necessary, we will add practice time to Saturday's game slot for part of the time allotted. We know our players will have fun getting their game on!

Juniors become Minors. Our Juniors League is getting the biggest overhaul this year. We have renamed it Minors because players in this league, ages 8 and 9, will be more competitive than they have in the past as they are learning their skills. They will now have MLB team jerseys instead of color shirts, will have a competitive season to lead to playoffs, and get focused training on pitching and catching. 

Yes, this league will still be developmental - so no worries if your player is new or still learning the skills. Our new plans will help them get stronger. Also, all 8-year-old players and most 9-year-old players will stay within this league. Very few 9-year-old players will move to International as we redesign Minors to help our 8- and 9- year- old players be competitive for their skill set. We anticipate using pitching machines to develop hitting skills, but only for a short while as we concentrate on developing pitchers.

Senior League is back to teams and traveling. Our Senior League changes yearly based on registrations and opportunities in their age groups. This Spring, we will be back to dividing players onto teams and will travel - half the games will be home, the other half will be in Medway, Franklin, etc. area.  We anticipate great competition, while also having similar makeup of teams as we do. We love having this opportunity, while our players love representing Bellingham. Players are encouraged to add Senior League to their training even if they are playing on another team - they get more reps, more batting, more skills training, without overburdening the players.

Winter Training for Prek-7 and 8-18 happening next month. We changed our PreK- 2nd grade Winter Training from January to closer to the Spring season, so we don't have to (hopefully) deal with snow closures or have conflicts with Winter sports. We are also restructuring the training and updating the skills portions - it will be fun and the players will learn a ton! This is a great program for new players as well as returning players to get back into the groove.

We are still having the Knock the Rust Off Winter Training for ages 8-18 - starts at the end of February and goes into March. This program is also great for both new and returning players. We are planning for isolated pitching and catching training as well as a great program designed by our Player/ Coach Development Director. As per usual, we divide the clinics by age and focus on their skills needed.

...and we are ready to get going!


Registration is now open for Spring 2024. You can register here. We have teams available for boys and girls - age 4 -18/senior in high school, as well as our Challenger League for those with special needs. You can read about our different leagues on our website, under About Us, League Info tab -  here. When you go in to register, the website will only show you what league is available for your child based on their age as of April 30. 

We also have Family Discount Codes for those families registering at least three players. Just reply to this email to get yours.

Players age 7 and up will be attending Evaluations at Bellingham High School on Saturday, March 16. (not Challengers or players currently on Majors teams) Evaluations are important to make sure players are in the correct league and to create balanced teams. Evaluations for your child will only last about 45 minutes and timeframes will be shared in the next few weeks. 

Players 8 - 18 will be drafted the week of March 18, while those in Lil Sluggers, Tee Ball, Instructional (ages 4- 7) and Challengers will attend Meet the Coach on Saturday morning, March 23 at DiPietro Elementary School.

Each player will have a parent volunteer two hours at the Concession Stand or Grounds Committee during the season. We all work together to make our league the BEST! You do have the option of buying out if you like - the buyout goes towards hiring someone to take your place. You will see that option during registration. Any member of the family can volunteer providing they are 16 and older.

We will be having  our calendar fundraiser again this season, which helps in all aspects of the league. You will hear more about that in March when your player receives their fundraiser packet.Don't forget we have lots of extras for our players! Depending on what league they are in, we have Field Day, Homerun Derby, contests, plus some new fun events we have in the works!

Have fun being a coach!

If you are interested in Head or Assistant Coaching, please note that in that part of your registration. Coaches will be chosen throughout February and early March. Please also fill out this form as well. 

We will have Coaches Clinics during the preseason, as well as continual training and materials provided before and during the season for a successful coaching experience.  Also, check out our website under the Development Tab, there are resources for coaches and players that we will continue to update.

Also, in a continual effort to deliver high quality instruction to our players, the BYBI is once again requiring all coaches to participate in the (free) USA Baseball Coach Certification Program. This program has great benefits whether you are head coaching or assistant coaching, so we ask anyone interested in coaching in any degree to go through this online training. If you have done these certifications in the past, you do not need to do it again.

Taking this online certification does not guarantee you a coaching position, however the skills learned will be beneficial for you.

You can begin by visiting the website noted below and creating a profile to sign in, work through the certification at your own pace, but note that your league director will be reaching out to you to collect your certification prior to the start of practice. At the completion of your certification, you will need to supply your league director with a screen shot or pdf of the completed certificate(s) for your league via email.

You can click the links below to take the certification.

Head Coaches and Assistants participating in Lil' Sluggers, Tee Ball, Instructional, and Juniors are required to complete the A Certification (Go to and head to Coach Certifications where you can find each certification course)

Head Coaches and assistants participating in International, Majors, Sr. American and Sr. National are required to complete both A and B Certification (Go to and head to Coach Certifications where you can find each certification course)

This website has tons of great, free info from baseball experts that can help coaches in all areas of practice plans as well.

Any questions regarding coaching, you can also reach out to our Coach/Player Development Director, Mark Rebello (

Sign up your 13+ player to umpire! - training starts this Sunday!

Your 13+ BYBI player can earn money at the fields by becoming a YOUTH UMPIRE! Have them sign up for FREE Umpire Training and then start making money. Candidates must be at least 13 years old, and first year candidates must be playing in Senior League. Email our Umpire Director Ken Sarnie at for more info. Check out all the info here.


Come and be a part of the largest organization in town!

Your sponsorship helps support the youth in Bellingham. Find out the opportunities we have to share your business with our league friends and families.

 Please email for more information.

We are proud to announce the winners for the BYBI Nicholas Penza Memorial Scholarship are Dylan Haggerty, Ryan Maiorano, and Troy Simpson. They each exemplified the spirit of Nick Penza; his camaraderie, leadership and teamwork. We thank Danielle Khouri

Bellingham Youth Baseball

Bellingham Youth Baseball in Bellingham, Massachusetts strives to create a safe, welcoming, and fun atmosphere for baseball players of all ages. We offer three seasons of league play in Spring, Summer and Fall, plus Winter Workshops  We highly encourage players of all ages and skillsets to come on down and play Bellingham Baseball!

Jack Smith and his Capstone Project

Jack Smith builds helmet boxes

We are so grateful and proud of player Jack Smith as he presented his Capstone Project at Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School - His project was creating helmet boxes for BYBI. You all may remember last summer he held a very successful wiffle ball tournament to raise funds for the project. 

Jack also received a declaration from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for all of his hard work.

We will definitely take a picture of Jack when these are installed at the field for our spring season! Congrats, Jack!