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Coaching Development

5 areas of Coaching Structure.

  • Developing knowledge of the game
  • Developing coaching communication skills
  • Set-up of the ideal training environment
    • Understanding the structure of the session plan
      • Engage the players immediately with a fun warm up or game which will introduce the topic for the session.
      • Present activities or games with little or no pressure to help the players experience success with the topic, improve their technical ability, and increase their confidence.
      • Add pressure, gradually increasing to an equal strength small sided game to see if your topic has translated to the game 
  • Coaching a Practice Session
  • Coaching the Game

USA Baseball Development


The following link below has everything you want when it comes to running a successful practice. It offers offensive and defense drills, full practice plans, and strength and conditioning for your pre-game warmups. You ever find your team or a player in a funk and can't think of that magic cue to get out of it? Find out the best solutions at your finger tips by navigating through USA Baseball Mobile Coach!